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So I was in the horrifying behemoth that is the general Southcenter area on Friday to purchase some new doctor drag.

Coming out of the uniform shop I got in my car, turned it on, and pulled out of my parking place.
This is why there isn’t a photo.

That having been said, however, in backing out of my parking place I noticed that the car that was in the parking space next to the one that I had just vacated had a license plate holder that read “I CAN TOO PARK HERE, I HAVE A GOLF HANDICAP!”

Which the owner obviously thinks is hysterically funny.

If that car had actually been parked in a handicapped space I would have waited until the driver came back and stove their head in with a brickbat (even though I’m not entirely sure what a brickbat is).

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  1. fisherbear Says:

    Cartoon physics allows Ignatz to use bricks to communicate.

    Off the page, a mouse cannot lift a brick. He might be forced to settle for brick fragments, of a size and shape convenient for throwing.

    Those would be brickbats.

    (I am currently imagining what Ignatz might do in a landscape populated with golfers who make disability jokes. It would make a funny strip.)

  2. YakBoy Says:

    Wouldn’t hitting them with a golf club be more appropriate given the circumstances?

  3. Caitlin Slattery Says:

    I do believe, word-nerds, that the slang term of brickbat is in order.
    A brick attached to the non-handle end of a common baseball bat by any convenient mean, in order to inflict more pain on a person than a bat or brick could do on its own.

  4. Tony Lenzer Says:

    As a member of Hawaii’s Disability Communication and Access Board –the organization which issues disability placards and license plates –I commend you for your attitude re parking idiots, and would gladly send you a brickbat if I had one. In lieu of same, I carry a bunch of cards issued by my Board, which inform drivers of cars illegally parked in disability slots that (a) they are parked illegally, and (b) are subject to a $250 fine if caught. Alas, as a citizen volunteer, I do not have the authority to issue citations…but, boy, I wish I could!

  5. Caitlin Slattery Says:

    Go Grandpa! 😀

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