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I swear I’ll find something else to talk about besides work (at least one of these days), but this one was so blatant that I couldn’t *not* share it.

I was going to make a connection between the miracle of the loaves and fishes, but considering the nature of the miracle I think it’s far more of a “the lamp burned for eight days with oil only for one” type miracle so I’m giving credit for this one to the Jews rather than Jesus.

I’ve never really had a good head for numbers so I might, just might, be wrong on this one. Y’all check my math for me.

There are 365 days in a year.
There are two years between 12/8/08 and 12/8/10. That would be 730 days right?

Add…hmm… lessee…. 23 days left in December, 31 days in January, 27 in February, 31 in March, and 12 so far in April……
Add another 124 days.

So 730 plus 124 is…. 854 days. I think I did the math correctly there.

So can someone explain to me how, when I prescribed two months worth of thyroid medication (that’s 120 pills) for a dog in December of 2008, the owner can look at me with a straight face and tell me that they’ve been giving the medication as directed and they’re only just running out now?

It’s gotta be a miracle, right?

4 Responses to “Rejoice!”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like the client heard “once a week” instead of “twice a day.”

  2. YakBoy Says:

    Ran into a similar problem but in the opposite direction recently. Gentleman SWORE he had been taking his Vicodin (oxycodone 5mg/acetaminophen 325mg) as directed (1-2 pills every 6-8 hours) but had somehow managed to ingest somewhere in the neighborhood of TEN GRAMS(!) of acetaminophen in one day.

  3. margaret Says:

    but had somehow managed to ingest somewhere in the neighborhood of TEN GRAMS(!) of acetaminophen in one day.

    If you hear a clunk, that’s just my liver falling out…..

    For this dog to have been getting thyroid supplement twice daily the owner would have had to cut each of the 120 pills into *fourteenths*.

    It’s gotta be a miracle.

  4. Caitlin Slattery Says:

    So, the owner was an idiot, it was a miracle, or…the owner was so concerned about the dog choking on the pills that they *did* cut the pills into fourteenths. Whether or not the pills are huge or average, that may have been what happened if they were secretly over-protective of their dog because they have no children? Or the owner just wanted to make you have an internal spaz moment, where you attempted to make sense of a blatant lie. I’m going with the last one. ^-^

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