Who Thinks This Is A Good Idea….. Two

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Athletic gear manufacturer and sweat shop/child labor advocate Nike has re-signed Michael Vick to a doubtless obscene endorsement deal.
Nike originally signed Vick in 2001, but dropped him in 2007 after he admitted to charges of animal cruelty in regards to his involvement in dog fighting rings.

Now “rehabilitated” (I’ll not get into the morass of political ranting around the efficacy of the American prison system to rehabilitate convicts), Vick is becoming the face of one of the major producers of athletic gear in the U.S.


Someone convicted of one of the most vicious acts of cruelty that one species can inflict on another (and “rehabilitated” or no doesn’t matter. A tiger can’t change his stripes.) is now encouraging children to purchase some of the most obscenely expensive sneakers on the face of the planet (and some of the most obscenely profitable, by the way).

Michael Vick, role model. Wonderful.

Do me a favor y’all and don’t ever purchase anything produced by Nike.

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