The definition of bad timing…..

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So I was off getting the annual boob mashing last Thursday. It’s obvious from my chart that I am in some sort of medical profession because there’s a standing order to have a copy of the radiology report sent directly to me as well as my doctor.
I am beginning to think that it would be best to either rescind that request and have my MD, who knows what I do and who…. well who has decent tact, to send me the radiology report or to forgo the reading of the radiology report myself and just depend on the interpretation that I get from the breast center and from my MD.
I am beginning to think that because I’m obviously not suited to lie on short notice. When people ask me what profession I’m in, I tend to tell the truth. Maybe I’ll have to practice enough that I can start being an IRS agent or a mortician or something.

And so there I am, half nekkid with the x-ray machine at full compression 😯 (for you men out there, this is NOT the right time to be having a casual conversation with ANYone, let alone the idiot who has control of the machine) when the radiology technician pipes up from behind her lead glass enclosure with:

“So what breed of dog do you think is the healthiest?”

I do not think she got the answer that she wanted.

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