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When I was at WSU there was born to one of the cows at the WSU dairy, a healthy calf and a tribble.

You think I’m joking.

But they brought it to the path lab and everyone who could manage shoved themselves into the bleachers in the path lab for lunchtime path rounds.
I didn’t usually attend the lunchtime path rounds. I find gross pathology to be gross enough on an empty stomach. Watching the seniors on their path rotations and the pathology residents dissect gruesome things, let alone pass them around the room, was not something designed to promote good digestion. Come to think of it though, the administration should have required the freshmen and sophomores to attend lunchtime path rounds. Probably would have kept most of us from gaining the “freshman 15”.
Enough babbling.

So what was presented was, in fact, a tribble.

It was a smooth black and white oval football. It weighed about 10 pounds, had hair and skin just like any other Holstein calf and — this is the coolest — it had a heartbeat. At least it had a heartbeat for about 15 minutes after it was born, then it didn’t anymore. After it had been dissected it was found that the tribble had a rudimentary circulatory system, complete with a 4 chambered heart, a partial gastrointestinal tract, and a few bones here and there.
It was a tribble.
What else are you going to call it?

Well now I know.
I was reading my copy of the Journal of the AVMA the other day when I ran across a case study of a very similar situation. And the term is:
Globosus amorphous

Which is, if you ask me, a perfectly wonderful (and wonderfully descriptive) name.

2 Responses to “Word Nerds!”

  1. shawn Says:

    Ummm…. Lets keep this story away from Annie.

  2. shawn Says:

    On a more disterbing note, I did a Google search for an image of Globosus amorphous

    (I just had to)and the 14th picture under the search was of your wonderful husband…..
    I will resist calling him a tribble or “Tribbs”.

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