But is it art?

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this is a post i wrote some months ago and have been saving for a time when i didn’t have anything else to write about. well i have other things to write about at this point but because i’m down to one arm again, thus the lack of capital letters, i can’t. when i can use my left hand again i’ll be more current topical. enjoy!

This is another in my series of “trolling through my i-Photo library in search of inspiration for blog posts”.
I find the photo to be very artistic, quite honestly.

Give me some guesses as to what you think is portrayed in the following.

7 Responses to “But is it art?”

  1. Curt Says:

    Abraham Lincoln crossing the Appalachian mountain rage to become the first president from the western side.

  2. Eric Scharf Says:

    Company’s coming in an hour, gotta slice garlic for the sauce, we’re all outta razor blades.

  3. Sherihi Says:

    Just add butter! Built my first grow box last week.

  4. margaret Says:

    strike one! strike two! strike three! any other guesses?

    hey, look at that, I can type a little better today!

  5. fisherbear Says:

    Hm… damp smooth crystals, on fabric of some sort, implausibly large enough that you’re motivated to throw a penny into the photograph for scale. I’m going to guess “bladder stones”, probably (paging Dr. Google) struvite.

  6. Curt Says:

    OK it is has been a week. What is the picture portraying? I believe there is some sort of Geneva Conventions rule against withholding this sort of information 😉

  7. margaret Says:

    OK it is has been a week. What is the picture portraying?

    Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve been getting my head stuffed with edu-ma-cation during the day and we’ve been having our senses and sensibilities assaulted during the evenings, so computer time has been at a minimum.

    Fisherbear and his Dr. Google are correct (smartass!), they are struvite (magnesium triple phosphate) bladder stones.

    More than sixty of them. 😯

    That we removed from a 30 pound dog. 😯 ❗

    I thought the photo was really cool though.

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