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I’ve got it!

Ever since I posted this debate about how I hear music, I’ve been asking pretty much anyone that will put up with me for long enough to listen, how they hear music.

And it’s hard to explain to people who can hear lyrics how it is that I, who can’t, hear music most of the time.

Until I got a walking music disc from my friend Rob. Rob has rather eclectic tastes in music, but has one of the best ears for a walking beat that I’ve ever run across. The first walking disc that Rob made for me is absolute freakin’ genius. This new disc is also right up there, but what I love most about it is that in the play list Rob added some Japanese pop songs that illustrate EXACTLY what I mean when I tell people I can’t hear lyrics.

It’s nice, bouncy music with a good beat. But the lyrics, of course, are all in Japanese. At least, I think they’re in Japanese. Andrew pointed out that with the way I hear music it would be difficult for me to tell! 😯

So what I hear when I listen to these two tracks on my new walking disc is nice, upbeat, bouncy music and syllables that I think should form words, but that I just can not form into words.

So as a demonstration of how I hear music I invite you to look up some music of your chosen genre with lyrics in a language in which you are not fluent.

That is exactly what I hear.

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  1. przxqgl Says:

    Mark Applebaum: The mad scientist of music

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