Actually what’s amazing…

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Is how coherent, or at least understandable, I can be when I’m stoned out of my gourd.
Apparently I came out of the sedation (an opiate and a benzodiazepine…a relative of valium) talking about my snake’s visit to the cardiologist. Freaked out the surgeon’s medical assistant, that’s for sure.

Then there’s that post that I wrote the other day. The other day when all I did was lie around in my comfy chair watching Young Frankenstein with a cat on my chest and drooling occasionally. I must have slept for half the day on Wednesday. Except when I was on my computer posting my stoned ramblings for all the world to see.

I’m much less stoned now, okay, not stoned at all, but I still have a cat on my chest. And since typing isn’t my favorite thing right now (although I can do it! Whoopee!) I’m gonna post pictures.

Because next week is the garden show and I’m planning my garden for next summer, here’s a Russian Giant and a Teddy Bear sunflower.

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