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I’ve been listening to Sarah Vowell’s book The Wordy Shipmates at night. I’ve really fallen into the habit of listening to audio books at night because I find it soothing and it’s a good way to get my brain to shut off before I go to sleep.
Granted I end up with some rather peculiar dreams at times, and I’m certain that the subliminal conditioning that I get is going to manifest itself in a really bizarre way at some point (for instance, after listening to Assassination Vacation for however many nights it took me to finish it I’ve got a trove of really useless, at least for me, information about the Garfield, McKinley, and Lincoln assassinations).
That having been said, listening to audio books is also a nice way to “read” at night without either turning on a light or having to rustle up my glasses both of which I find annoying.

So all this goes back to the fact that I was asleep at some dark hour this morning, got up to pee then stumbled, quite literally, back to bed. Popped in my ear piece so that my brain would shut off before I fell asleep again. Sarah Vowell muttering at me regarding Puritans, muttering, muttering, muttering……..
Huhwhat! Whatsis?
I was aware enough to wonder why on earth there was white noise or water effects on my audio book.
Then I smelled the breeze, we’re sleeping on the lanai which is a remarkably comfortable place to sleep this time of year, pulled out my ear piece and realized that what I was hearing was RAIN!

Sleeping outdoors during a blazing rainstorm is really a very pleasant thing.

And I actually managed to sleep until a (somewhat) decent hour this morning. Okay granted it was 0645, but my brain was still telling me that it was almost 10 a.m. I swear I’m going to be right on the correct time just in time for us to have to pack up and go home.

Got up, went for my walk out to Lanikai, I think there’s a Golden Plover nest somewhere close to the walking path through Kailua Beach Park since two mornings in a row now I’ve seen a female Plover in the same spot. She hasn’t done the “I’ve got a broken wing, follow me so I can lead you away from my nest”, but I haven’t gotten close enough to disturb her into that.
And honestly, if I’m going to continue to walk my regular route through Lanikai it might be better if I did continue to get up at dark a.m. because by 0730 or so it’s too bloody warm to be walking that hard.

Then I came back home, ate breakfast and went out to play in the garden. Andrew has been doing his computer thing, not only polishing up his Dad’s machine, but refurbishing a donated laptop for Libby’s school. Being able to play in the garden keeps me from going absolutely stir crazy while Andrew does his computer thing. I can’t imagine why it took us this long to work that out.

Boo-YAH! Planted, pruned, swept, got run over by a brown anole and actually ran across a pair of green anoles which are getting rare these days since the brown anoles breed so much more prolifically.
Gardening in Hawaii is a far sweatier prospect than gardening in Washington. I wasn’t even doing anything particularly strenuous, but DAMN!

Break for lunch.
Actually break for shower first then break for lunch. I was absolutely not fit for human company when I got out of the garden this morning.

Andrew and I spent the afternoon running around running errands. and it would have been very straightforward except that anything involving purchasing groceries for this lunatic asylum is less than straightforward (fr’ instance, you CAN’T find jicama at the Safeway in Kailua) and secondly we were, of course, accompanied by nieces. And Caitlin’s new squeeze, a very worthwhile young man named Mason. Mix Andrew with two doting nieces and then mix the three of them with a besotted boyfriend….. Especially a besotted boyfriend whose sense of humor is similar to Andrew’s. The afternoon could have been weirder, but it would have taken considerable effort.
First and foremost on the list was filling a desperate need for manapua from Island Manapua. One cannot come to Oahu and not get manapua and other okazu from Island Manapua. Such as pork hash. Pork hash is a lovely steamed concoction of pork meatball all wrapped up in a wonton skin. And when we were discussing what to do about dinner this afternoon Libby’s husband Vinnie suggested that we could make deep fried pork hash.
Huhwhat! Whatsis?
Oh lordy, lordy, lordy……
Deep fried pork hash.

Vinnie is a pretty inspired chef, there were some remarkable meatloaf panninis for lunch this afternoon, but I gotta say…. Deep fried pork hash.

Currently about half the household is curled up in a glorious porky coma. The rest of us are looking for the Tums, but it was SO worth it.

Tomorrow morning is going to be a repeat of today, although hopefully with less of me exploding eggs in the microwave (it’s a long story). We’re leaving open what to do with tomorrow afternoon, but I don’t doubt it will be a little strange.

It took me four tries to count to nine properly when setting the table for dinner this evening. I kept coming up with eight napkins and ten chairs, and god only knows how many plates were involved.
My brain has completely left the building and it’s lovely, thanks.

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