Go ahead, I dare you….

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My husband is in Hawaii for the foreseeable future (or at least until the end of the month) trying to help his father, who went down with COPD fairly soon after we left on the first of April, convince Metlife insurance that there is, in fact, more than 90 days between the end of December and the beginning of April. Metlife doesn’t want to start paying out on the long term care insurance policy that has been paid into for the last several decades, so they’re putting up roadblocks and delays and every little thing they can think of to keep from paying out.
So I’m holding down the fort on my own which is annoying, but do-able, except that I work a full time job. Which means that I’m out of the house for 11-13 hours a day, four days a week.
And so of course when I went out to my car to leave for work this morning I discovered that it’s raining in my garage.
I am currently at home with the water off on two sinks, a toilet, and the shower, waiting for the plumber.
An optimist would say that I should look upon this as a good opportunity to clean out the garage and tidy up under the sink in the master bathroom. I say optimists can bite my chubby pink butt. I’d rather be at work with a grungy garage and the gawdawful mess that has been under the sink in the master bathroom for the last two years.
Anyone got any cheese to go with that whine?

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  1. Shawn Says:

    Gah why did you not call me I just saw this, I would have come and fixed your sink. Is it fixed?

  2. Margaret Says:

    Shawn, Hon, no offense, but you would be exactly the LAST person I’d call for something like this. Not because I doubt your abilities, but because…um….well…..YOU’RE MAYBE BUSY WITH OTHER THINGS?!
    You’re sweet, and I love you, but dude, you’re such a doofus. 🙄
    Yes, the pipe is fixed. It was the feed pipe to the toilet in the upstairs bathroom. And a nice young Ukranian man named Alex came with his saw and welder and took things apart then put them back together again. Stopping in the process to admire the collection of edged weapons. He and his cohort were also a little weirded out by the collection of large artificial spiders and body parts that we keep in the garage, but he was a nice dude nonetheless.
    Andrew gets back this evening.

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