Yet Another Couple Of Gifts From The Gods

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I was driving back home from a trip down to the farm today when I came across the most awesome sight. The sun was just finishing setting over the Puget Sound; the bottom fourth of the sky (from horizon to apogee) was the color of tarnished copper above the shimmering cerulean of the water, very pretty. But the whole thing was topped with a thick band of the most insane fuscia I have ever seen in the sky in my life. I was almost struck dumb with the beauty of it.

That was Gift Number Two today. Gift Number One was tuning into the Tom Hartman Show this morning and hearing about this Web site. We are truly blessed. 😀

2 Responses to “Yet Another Couple Of Gifts From The Gods”

  1. dp Says:

    Hey Andrew, thanks for the great link. Also I’m happy-now-where-now with a MacBook Pro dual 2 core duo 2.16GHz, 120Gig drive, 2Gig Ram, 15inch mate finish screen. The 17inch was just too big, I’m over gerth vs substance.


  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Gotta get you one of those rainbow Apple stickers for your Vanagon, now. 😀

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