My cat is chasing his tail again and other random observations of the month.

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Okay, I’m a cat lover (“NO! Really?” I hear you cry). Since dad is allergic we didn’t have cats when I was growing up. And, as a side note, what did all of us do the moment we moved into our own spaces? We got cats! Really what we’ve been doing all these years is selflessly participating in a program of gradual desensitization for our dear father’s immune system (honest! 😉 ), it doesn’t have anything to do with cats being loving, charming companions. Really. Honest. 😯
So anyway, since I didn’t have cats when I was growing up I never really got the chance to realize their capacity to have a very complex personality. This is not to say that dogs don’t have the same capacity, it’s just that dogs are far simpler creatures. I do meet dogs who have the complex, individual personality traits that most cats do, but they are far fewer. Most dogs are just content to be dogs. The vast majority of cats that I meet are strongly individualistic.
Pogo, as anyone who has met him or interacted with him when he is relaxed and content will know, is Silly. Silly, silly, silly. Case in point….When I sat down to write this Pogo, at 5 1/2 years of age when he should definitely have more dignity, was on the floor in my office chasing his tail. When we’re sitting and watching TV of an evening Pogo is usually right there on my lap and frequently in some variation of this position:

Pogo is silly

Pogo is silly

Flitter, despite her silly start in our household, is a far more dignified creature. So much so, in fact, that her silly brother frequently drives her absolutely crazy. There are Certain Ways in which Cats Should Comport Themselves:
Flitter is Dignified
And running around like a loon and showing your belly to everyone is Not One of Those Ways.
Which is, I think, what makes Flitter all the more funny. Give Flit the coil off of a spiral bound anything, bring out one of her jingle balls, or watch very carefully for the times that her tail chases her, and she is a remarkably ridiculous cat.
Growing up catless I never realized how flat out damn funny cats could be!

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