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I don’t think anyone remembers much about their preschool years. I remember standing in a circle and having a keeper from one or another local zoo drape an ENORMOUS python around all our necks (a quick blast from the current me: YIKES! How dangerous is THAT?! You’d never get away with exposing preschool children to an enormous fucking snake in this day and age, particularly not one that could kill and eat any of the tender morsels with which it was so conveniently presented!).
I remember standing up in a cardboard barrel of sorts with a friend behind me. We over balanced and I ended up belly flopped with her on top of me which won me a killer fat lip.
And I remember car washes.
For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by big, repetitive machines. Going through an automatic carwash was one of the highlights of my week when I was little. Strike that. I still love going through an automatic carwash. And when I was doing finger painting in preschool my most frequent productions were big, multicolored pieces full of swirls and swooshes representing a trip through an automatic car wash.

And lemme just tell you about the trip that we took when we were in Illinois one summer. My folks thought it would be cool to take us out to the Peoria(?) river (Missouri?) to take a ride on a steamboat. I spent the vast majority of the time we were on the Julia Belle Swain standing in the engine room watching the steam piston drive the paddle wheel. I don’t think I spent any time looking at the scenery. The steam engine was SO COOL!
Just recently my dad e-mailed me a link to an article about a steam powered printing press. OOOOOooooooo! (drool)

So anyway, my car has been at the dealership having some sort of tweak to the software and having some sort of magic whiffle dust applied that was part of the package I purchased with the car. I never thought I’d get so used to having a moon roof, but driving the loaner I was given I realized how much I missed having some sort of daylight coming in through the roof. And then I realized….
I’ve got a car with a moon roof.
That I can take through an automatic car wash.

Um. ‘scuse me for a minute. I think my car is dirty! 😀

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