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At 4:30 this afternoon, someone from a pool of British Telecom IP addy’s in London got to the home page of my blog via the following search on MSN UK:

“Display sandwich in fright”

Yet another one of those phrases entered into a search engine that leaves me wondering which one of us doesn’t comprehend the basic structure of the English language. Is this some sort of defensive strategy I have not heard of? Is this a garlic sandwich, to be brandished against vampires? Or is this some sort of involuntary fear response, like voiding one’s bowel or bladder? Could this, in fact, be some sort of euphemism for one or both of these phenomena? “Man, don’t scare me like that; I nearly displayed my sandwich!”

I’m not at all sure what this person was really searching for, but my guess is (s)he didn’t find it here. Nor anywhere else in the immediate vicinity, judging from the other search results. Better luck next time, Mate.  😉

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