What WERE everyone’s parents doing in January?

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Happy Birthday (October 2nd)
Happy Birthday (October 4th)
Happy Birthday (October 7th)
Happy Birthday (October 9th)
Happy Birthday (October 10th)
Happy Birthday (October 14th)
Happy Anniversary (October 17th)
Happy Birthday (October 20th).

And, considering that Sheri & Steve’s new nubbin was _supposed_ to be born around the first part of October, but came 6 weeks early anyway… Happy belated early birthday nubbin!

2 Responses to “What WERE everyone’s parents doing in January?”

  1. Steve Says:

    Thanks Margaret! N’s growing like crazy in the past 6 weeks; he was born at 4lbs, 10oz, now weighs 8lbs, 4oz. Almost doubled his weight! He’s also grown 3 inches in length. Hopefully this levels out at some point or we’ll have a giant on our hands… 🙂

  2. Margaret Says:

    Heavens! I need to meet this boy before he gets too big to snuggle! Photos?

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