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Shot this outside the building that houses my chiropractor’s office.

Um, look, Sir or Madam: I think it might be necessary to bring something to your attention. While I like most folks are all for accommodating the needs of those who may have some physical trouble with standard civil and commercial facilities, there is also a presumption that goes along with these exceptional accommodations.

In the specialized arena of parking, the term “handicapped” (or “physically challenged” or “differently abled”, whichever you prefer) includes the tacit assumption that the challenge(s) faced by the driver in question apply primarily to his/her activities after exiting the vehicle.

If your personal circumstances dictate that you cannot readily negotiate an extra-wide, easily accessed parking space with generous wiggle room on either side, you are not simply a handicapped driver. You are, in addition, a bad driver. As such, you should not be attempting to park—or drive—anywhere.

On the other hand, it is possible that you are perfectly capable of parking your vehicle in the manner normally prescribed by law and polite convention, but chose not to do so. In this case, in addition to being a handicapped driver, chances are excellent that you are, in fact, a jerk.

Given my limited background in this particular situation, I would not presume to guess which of these scenarios, or even one unimagined above, might be applicable here. I just thought it made an interesting tableau. 😉

7 Responses to “From The “Unclear on the Concept” Department….”

  1. Gavin Says:

    They need a sticker: http://www.iparklikeanidiot.com/

  2. The union of Handi capped drunks Says:

    Dear sir,
    You Suck! Thats my van, ppppeople with disabilitys Should be allowed to drive drunk… just like other people. Just cause I am handicapped dont mean I cant enjoy my 40oz while I drive. Thats how we role you pc creep. I oughta punch you in the snoot!

  3. Margaret Says:


    Oh man, I have GOT to get me some of those.

  4. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Yahoo, sign me up as well! A few of those’d go right nice next to my FUH2 poster

    Shawn: go pound sand. 😉

  5. Michael Haring Says:

    Hey Drew,

    Warning: This is totally an unrelated post to this topic because upon looking back at your esurance post to leave an update…..Only to find that you have no post reply option on your previous mumblings. Why? What good is your search box if we can’t respond with an update to the topic? Anyway, sorry for the broadside.

    All I wanted to say is:

    Shane Glides Ice Cream Girls would kick that esurance girls ass any day and are much sexier.


    Now if it’s not too much trouble mister blogger man, could you fix the search and reply feature of your site?

    Eye candy over parking idjits anyday.

  6. Tony Lenzer Says:

    Well, as one who actually has a “disability” and, therefore, a “disability placard” for use in parking (and it is, let me tell you, mighty handy), I share the BlogMeister’s irritation at the doofus who parked in this wierd way. If you can’t do it right, stay home, I say! BTW, I found out the hard way that our state does not look kindly on those who park in disability slots without having a visible placard. I park under our State Capitol, where I work these days, but one day, in haste, I forgot to hang my placard on the rear view mirror. Guess what? That gets you a $260 fine! Fortunately, our State also has an appeals process. I have appealed on the grounds of Terminal Forgetfulness. We’ll see…

  7. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Good to hear from someone on the front lines of this question, Dad, thanks for offering your input. By the way, is Terminal Forgetfulness a disability all its own? Perhaps you could get another placard…. 😉

    As for you, Mike: I used to auto-close old topics because posts to out-of-date topics tend to be the sole purview of comment spammers looking to boost their search engine page rankings. I stopped doing that after I 1) started using Spam Karma, the greatest anti-comment-spam tool ever, and b) needed to be able to add to the Fragslist topic on a semi-regular basis. I’ll go take a look at Ice Cream Girls.

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