Okay, I HAVE to ask…

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My technician, Red, has a pair of friends. A couple who are expecting their first child.
Red was at their house the other day and she picked up a random parenting book that these friends had in their living room.

In this book there were a series of “short tips for parents”. One of which was that fathers of sons should be sure to assure said sons that their penis wasn’t ever going to fall off.

To which I have to ask…. IS THIS REALLY A THING?

Dr. Other Associate has two sons, one five, one eight. She says that her sons have NEVER indicated any concern that their penis might fall off. No male person (granted I have only asked two) to whom I have recounted this bit of parenting wisdom, has said that spontaneous penis detachment was ever a concern for them.

This is thoroughly indelicate, but not having one of my own, I have to ask those (few) male readers of UADN… Were you, as a child, EVER concerned that your penis might fall off? Did it ever even occur to you to think it might be possible? And fathers of sons, have you ever been concerned that it might be necessary to tell your child that his penis won’t fall off?

For heaven’s sake (and here my inner curmudgeon starts to speak) if we, as a culture, are at a point where a parenting book points out that we have to reassure our children that their genitals won’t fall off it’s no wonder that the world is going to Hell in a handcart!

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  1. Eric Scharf Says:

    I don’t know what century this parenting book is supposed to be from, but every father I ever heard of considered it a duty and a joy to instill genital-based anxieties in his sons whenever possible. This particular fear isn’t one that we’ve grappled with yet, but my son’s 14th birthday is coming up, and I say you’re never too old for a new reason for anxious penis-clutching.

    What did your mother tell you a bra was for?

  2. Scot Says:

    I really don’t remember that idea ever occurring in my twisted little brain.

  3. Margaret Says:

    <blockquoteWhat did your mother tell you a bra was for?

    Hey, I’m the little sister. My mother didn’t have to tell me what a bra was for. As soon as my sister hit oh- 10-11 years old I knew what a bra was for. A bra is for stuffing so you look like you have boobs like your Mom and big sister!

  4. Eric Scharf Says:

    My memories of adolescence are shattered.

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