I am (21st century) woman, hear me roar…

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As I sit down at my sewing machine to spend a lazy Sunday puttering around with quilts and hats and things, these activities are being performed:
1. The bread maker is baking a loaf of bread.
2. The rice cooker is making up my breakfast oatmeal for next week.
3. The washer is washing dirty clothes and
4. The dryer is drying clean clothes.
5. The Roomba is vacuuming the living room and dining room/kitchen.

I’m not sure if my feminist forebears would be cheering because I’m getting all of this stuff done at the same time as I’m doing something that I want to do, horrified at the lazy slattern their genes produced because I’m having machines do everything for me, or censorious because I really should be spending my Sunday at church instead of doing housework on a day of rest.

I am 21st century woman. Hear my appliances beep!

One Response to “I am (21st century) woman, hear me roar…”

  1. Dalek Says:

    I think your feminist forebears would be green with jealousy about the appliances…and pink with rage over certain other things that they’d never dream would still be issues in 2017.

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