Things I’ve Learned Listening to NPR

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Andrew and I aren’t odd in that we have named our Roomba. (If you must know his name is Reginald Roomba which we thought appropriately dignified for a butler type entity.)

We are not, however, as odd as the people that dress their Roomba up.

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  1. Capt. Mike Says:

    When I updated my Roomba to an Amazon Alexa enabled robot I named it “undocumented robot worker“. Now when I want to clean my phone I just holler anywhere in the house “hey Alexa tell that undocumented robot worker to clean“. Dammit. My Roomba just turned on downstairs and started cleaning.

    On a sidenote, my house features what I call the “princess tower“ which has a lot of windows. On the top floor I have my home theater. In LA I was able to find a taxidermy giraffe neck and head and with considerable effort mounted it onto a rumba. I like to set it off when I’m gone And have it in Rome randomly on the top half of the tower. The kids in the neighborhood think there’s a draft living in my Princess Tower.

    Basically, I’m a horrible person.

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