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Let’s see if I can manage to get this baby working without significant chaos.

Obviously I’ve just logged back on to WordPress for the first time in a long time and I pushed a whole bunch of “update” buttons that were asking to be pushed.

Ideally I’ve not made a hash of things by requesting updates for things about which I have absolutely zero idea. I don’t know what a PHP is, or plugins (although I could guess at that one), or themes. But they’re all updated at this point.

If this works, well great. If it doesn’t then Andrew will have some untangling to do when he gets home which will be made somewhat more complex by the fact that I have ZERO idea what I did to which portions of our interaction with WordPress.

I’ll get more detailed about the last couple of days later — maybe tomorrow.
Right now this morning’s home update is that Pogo is starving and if I don’t go feed him breakfast right now there will be drama and pathos.
This morning’s Andrew update is that he’s probably still asleep, but they’re talking about discharging him from the hospital today so if I want to go hear what his surgeon, transplant nephrologist, and pharmacologist have to say I’d better get a wiggle on.

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  1. Sara Says:

    It works! At least at my end! 😉

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