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In addition to my back problems, I for reasons unclear to all present have also decided to upgrade my PC so that I can play bigger and better games. That turned into a bit of a nightmare for a while, lemmetellyou. So blogging has taken a back seat. But I did want to get one thought down.

We were watching Iron Chef again last night (yeah yeah, I know; two Iron Chef posts in a week. But this is pretty good). The challenger was the first chef in Japan to prepare authentic Mexican cuisine. He lost to—ironically enough, given my last Iron Chef post—Iron Chef Italian, aka The Beaver. the theme ingredient was mangoes. How the premier Mexican chef in Japan lost to an Italian chef with a Mexican fruit as the theme ingredient I will never understand.

But here’s the amusing bit. The challenger’s name was Yosei Watanabe. “Yosei”. José. Five minutes into the program we were referring to him as “José Wannabe”. You gotta wonder: was this guy just destined to be a Mexican chef, or did he change his name after he found his vocation?

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  1. david Says:

    hello roo dad told me your back has gone out yet again doesnt it know that you are too big for back problems it makes it
    too tough to get off the couch i would ask you doc for the cherry flavored fentinal lolly pops in the 1800 mg dosage
    they work wonders for 6 hr tattoo sessions sorry to hear 🙁 hope your better for next month cant wait to see you guys
    it has been a long long time i will be traveling by myself of course the other siguation still weeding itself out
    but dare i say maybe making some progress for the better time will tell i hope you get better soon you now have my new email adress if you feel up to it send me an email or i will check here take care im so sorry about the loss of 1 of your
    4 legged children/freind your bro david

  2. Michael Haring Says:

    :mrgreen: Host Defense has arrived :mrgreen:

    I am so thankful ‘drew. What do I owe you? these items will be incorperated into my travel first aid kit and I’ll be using them daily.

    I leave in 10 days for the R.O.C. and Indonesia. International motorcycle drivers liscense in hand.

    Take care of your back. That is…… 😈 GET AWAY FROM THE DAMN ‘PUTER 👿 . Lie down. Stretch. Get a massage. 😀

    Incidently I’ll be taking a digital camera and a laptop so I think I’ll be able to send you an interesting corresepondance every now and then.

    Sorry about all the smilies.

    Aloha McH

  3. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Dave: thanks for your well wishes. I take two or three T3s a day, that gets me though most stuff. Heavier painkillers just make me spacey and end up allowing me to concentrate of the pain more. As for Scamper: we buried his ashes, his food dish and a selection of his toys under a new climbing rose in our garden last night. Stuff to carry him into the afterlife. It was very sad, but we did everything right with that cat, so we’re at peace.

    Mike: You’re quite welcome. Consider them a gift; may they protect you against exotic Asian bugs. 😉

    As for stretching, massage, etc…..it’s obvious you’ve never had disc problems. This isn’t a muscle spasm: this is the synovial discs between my vertebrae bulging out and pressing against my sciatic nerve. Would you recommend a massage for a broken arm?

    Can’t wait to get pictures. You lead an interesting life.

  4. Michael Haring Says:

    Because of Sandy Beach, I have multiple herniated discs in my neck! I know what you are going through. The only thing that has helped me was a streching routine where I stand up straight and sort of reach over my head with my arm and pull my noggin gradually to my shoulder. Bringing my head to one side over my shoulder and holding this position has helped a lot. The therapist who taught me this explained that by closing down and compressing one side of the vertibrae , I would be opeing up the other side, hopefully to allow the sinovial disc to slide into the space provided. Along with macking huge horse pills of ibuprofen to reduce swelling this helped me out quite a bit.

    Enough so that I feel I can bodysurf over the most dangerous reef in Bali. Maybe that means I have damaged my brain 😛

  5. david Says:

    andrew how is your back doing any better??? how come you can take the
    t3 everyone else gets sick on the codine i hope they are helping
    im at work today saturdays are a short day open till noon thank you
    just answering calls from knuckle head customers that have had to much
    moonshine the nite before one of the problems of having a toll free number
    i guess any ways hope you are better your bro david

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