Does This Scare Anyone Else?

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At 6:03 Pacific Time this morning, someone got to an old post on my blog via a Google search for the phrase, “TRACE PIGGYBACKER”.

Now, the concerns that engendered the search are probably quite justifiable, and the article in question did mention wireless piggybacking….though not in a way that would be super-extra helpful to most folks.

No, the real show-stopper here was the source of the search: a computer in a cluster belonging to dhs.gov.

That’s the Department of Homeland Security.

The Department of Homeland Security is looking to me to help solve their computer security problems.

Be afraid; be very afraid. 😯

3 Responses to “Does This Scare Anyone Else?”

  1. Scot Says:

    They are watching you now, you threat to national security. So when do you think they will start the phone taps? Look out for mysterious vans parked across the street.

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Look out for mysterious vans parked across the street.

    Yeah, probably a delivery van for Don’s Homemade Sandwiches. 😀

  3. Yakboy Says:

    Thats it. I’m getting out my tinfoil hat again.

    (did I ever put it away?)

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