Lordy, Lordy….

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….tomorrow I turn forty.

I plan to spend the day stuffing my face with all the sorts of goodies I normally deny myself, then top it off with a huge round of take-away sushi and maybe the first few discs of the remastered Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Edition box set.

In point of fact, this “milestone” means little to me. I certainly don’t feel any more mature….more like a big, creaky, slow-witted teenager. I feel better now, physically, than I have in a few years, which is nice. I am of course in much worse shape than I was in my twenties, but I don’t feel particularly bad about it. I mean, I’ve had some serious debilitating physical problems over the last ten years or so, and my job has become more and more sedentary over that same time period, so some incipient decrepitude was certain to set in.

Emotionally I’ve never been happier. This is not as glowing a review as it might seem on the surface: until I started hanging out with Margaret I was a horribly depressed and sometimes unstable individual. But better is better—hell, better is much better—and the truth is, I wouldn’t trade my life right now for anything.

So, forty it is. Yee-haw, pass the Metamucil, and you kids get off my damn lawn. 😡

I really only brought up the subject because I’ve received a number of birthday cards in the mail from family members (thanks everyone!). They were all very cute, and very much appreciated.

But my hands-down favorite one came, not from a friend or family member, but from an organization:


I can’t decide whether this is just a mistake, a joke on the part of some anonymous AARP envelope-stuffer (or more likely, some anonymous data miner for a direct-mail company in the employ of the AARP. In fact, that’s just how I would amuse myself during slow periods, were I in the employ of such an agency), or an honest attempt to sucker me into becoming a dues-paying “member” ten years before I am actually eligible.

Whatever the answer, I’m seriously tempted to take this as a Sign and send in the membership form. My feeling is that it’s never too early to get started on codgerdom. 😉

8 Responses to “Lordy, Lordy….”

  1. Scot Says:

    Well Happy Birthday. I didn’t realize your birthday was exactly one week before Don’s and two weeks before mine. I thought turning 40 was no big deal. I had a problem with 30 for some reason. And I don’t think I’ll ever become more mature. 😈

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    I don’t think it’s in any of our futures to become more mature. 😀

  3. Val Says:

    Eh, 40 is no big deal. For some reason, having her “baby” turn 40 was a lot more traumatic for my Mom than it was for me.

    Forty (actually 42) just feels like….me. And for you it will feel like….you. Only better.

    Happy Birthday, Andrew.

  4. Tony Lenzer Says:

    Oi Weh, my Baby, all growed up!! Glad you liked the AARP invitation, Andrew, but just for the record, let it be known that I DID NOT conspire to have them send you that card. As a long time AARP member, and former volunteer (with connections in high places), I probably COULD have done so, and, dag nabit, I wish I HAD done so, but it never occurred to me….

    Be this as it may, your mother and I rejoice in your happiness, and wish you a great day!

    Much love,


  5. Tony Lenzer Says:

    At llst youare oldenough to drink coffee and really appreciate it … nw wheen Margaret takes that big step I’ll feel that she understands that milk just does not do the job and we will buy that superhumongous pot that the ordinary family uses. After all Lib has joined the club. I remember your zero bbirthday (I was invited)… you took five and ahalf hours tto decide it was worth it…Lib took an hour and ahalf so we had to decide whether to just move into the hospital or chance an in the corridor arrivlal. But being an unique individual from the beginning you took it upon yourself to take your own sweet time…well you are here, forty years later, and you have the strength to blow out the blaze on your cake (I trust). So much love from Mom (who is learning to type on the computer, but not how to go back and correct mistakes).

  6. Sara and Danny Says:

    💡 AARP has MUCH lower car insurance rates (at least for Hawaii no-fault drivers). We found it worth joining for that. Just thought I’d sound like a TV commercial. Happy Birthday!

  7. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! It was a great evening of sushi and Twin Peaks….everything I could have hoped for. :mrgreen:

  8. Dalek Says:

    Happy belated birthday! (So this is what happens when I don’t keep up with your blog for a few days…look at all the excitement I missed!) I’m glad to hear you had a great one. That new Gold Box set of Twin Peaks is really something, isn’t it? :mrgreen:

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