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Dear Second Look Project,

On this, the 35th anniversary of the historic Roe v. Wade decision, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how affected I was by your “Heartbeat” ad, recently aired on my local progressive Talk Radio station, KPTK Seattle.

I’m not normally the kind of person who makes decisions based on a radio campaign, but your message—and in particular, the place you chose to air it—stirred me to action.

As a result, I am sending out two checks today: one to Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, and another to the National Abortion Rights Action League. Furthermore, I am exhorting all of my friends, relatives and coworkers to do the same.

Thanks so much for helping to galvanize my convictions and inspire me to become part of the solution. Keep up the good work!

Warmest Regards,


“The degradation of women functions in every aspect of society
Politics, education, business—
Women’s reproductive rights are no man’s business
The myth of Man protecting life is a bunch of shit. History will verify this
It takes a nation of men to hold you back so take control”

Love, Honor and Respect
from the album The Myth of Rock

3 Responses to “Dear Second Look Project….”

  1. Val Says:

    I also heard this same ad on KZOK this morning while I was in the shower. I was instantly outraged.

    Number one, I am immediately suspect of their statistics.

    Number two, even if their statistics are correct, doesn’t that underline, highlight, nay the need for accessible, affordable, safe, and non-judgemental birth control?

    Number three, I absolutely abhor their tactics and resent their intrusion into MY day.

    Your blog reminder has inspired me to look up my Boeing “Good Neighbor” fund designations and direct a goodly percentage towards Planned Parenthood. Thank you.

  2. Val Says:

    Yikes! You can’t see it, but after the “nay” and the “the need” in my previous comment I had “blink tag” (only with the html brackets) to completely express the depth of my outrage. Because as we all know, there is a special circle of hell for those who use the “blink” tag on their webpages, so for me to condone its use, it had better be damned important!

  3. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Good for you! Isn’t it amazing how the anti-abortion advocates seem to forget that, even in this day and age, a good chunk of women don’t even get to decide whether they wish to have sex, much less whether they wish to become pregnant? ❗

    My man Bill put it best when he said that abortions should be safe, legal and rare. No one loves the idea of aborting fetuses; we just prefer it to the idea of forced pregnancy and unwanted children.

    I really did send the email, too, though I did tell one little white lie: I sent my contributions online rather than via check, so that they would get them faster. 😉

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