Irony Supplement, Part 4

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Irony Supplement Part 4

Shot at my local QFC grocery store. You may recall a previous Irony Supplement post that discussed the phenomenon of “sectoring”, where two or more genetically diverse tissue samples will battle for turf on a petri dish. This is another potential example of this sort of thing. Personally, I’m surprised that these two items can coexist in the same freezer without engaging in endless combat.

Perhaps they have reached some sort of modus vivendi. After all, these foodstuffs would seem to produce complimentary, rather than conflicting, results for the consumer. Overconsupmtion of one leads to desire—or at least a feeling of obligation, in the case of the Lean Cuisine—for the other.

Now that I think about it, those clever shelf-stockers may be on to something.

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