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Flipping through the channels this evening, we happened across an ad for Iron Chef America, the Food Network spinoff of the wonderful original series from Japan’s Fuji Television.

Now, I have nothing against the American version of this show; while it lacks much of the zany pomp of its Japanese counterpart, it does have its good points. Alton Brown does a very nice job of emceeing the show, and the dude playing Chairman Kaga’s nephew is so obviously a kama’aina—he pronounces “history” as if it’s spelled with an “sh” in the middle—that I always get a giggle out of his part in the show.

No, the reason I bring this whole thing up has to do with the commercial itself, which ended with “Iron Chef America: sponsored by Kraft and Snapple!”

Huh? “Five-Star Gourmet Cuisine Cooking Challenge: brought to you by the makers of Microwavable Mac & Cheese and Bottled Sugar Water!”

What, had Slim Jims and Yoo Hoo already blown their ad budgets for this fiscal year?

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