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As some of you might recall, I started recording the date, time, IP address and other stats of anyone reaching Uncle Andrew dot Net via a Web search for the word “Esurance” a while back (on September 27, 2006, to be more precise), as an intellectual exercise to see how many deviants I could catch crawling the Web looking for dirty pictures of a cartoon spokesperson for an insurance company.

Over that time period, I have managed—for no particular reason—to compile the following demographic information concerning these visitors:

Total Insurance Advertisement Manga Perverts as of 8:00am, Tuesday, March 25: 6,162

Pervs by Operating System

  • Windows NT, 2000, XP, Media Center and Vista: 5,155
  • Mac OS X: 618
  • Windows 98: 80
  • Playstation/Playstation Portable: 79
  • Linux: 76
  • Nintendo Wii: 24
  • Windows CE/Windows Mobile: 14
  • BlackBerry: 7
  • Windows 95: 3
  • PalmOS: 3
  • Other: 103

Pervs by Browser

  • Internet Explorer (including the AOL Browser): 3,414
  • Firefox: 2,037
  • Safari: 424
  • Opera: 90
  • Playstation Portable Browser: 77
  • Netscape: 60
  • Camino: 9
  • Konqueror: 7
  • BlackBerry: 7
  • SeaMonkey: 6
  • Blazer: 3
  • OmniWeb: 1
  • ACCESS NetFront: 1
  • Other: 26

Of all of these data points, I think the twenty-four Palm, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry hits disturb me the most. I’m used to seeing people using these ubiquitous communication tools to send and receive data in all manner of unlikely/inappropriate situations, from standing in front of a cashier at the local coffee shack to hurtling down the Interstate at 80 miles an hour. It had never occurred to me to imagine that these social ciphers might be cruising for manga pr0n under these circumstances….although in retrospect I don’t really know why not. I have to admit, though, that it would do naught but warm the cockles of my heart were it to be made public that some asshat who crashed his car while RIMing himself had been trawling the Web for naughty cartoon pictures at the time.

If this continues, I may decide to reformat my Erin Watch access log and start having FunnelWeb build real, honest-to-goodness access reports regarding this phenomenon, complete with graphs and stuff. Might be kind of fun, in a creepy, wash-my-server-with-antibacterial-soap sort of way. 😯

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