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You may recall my writing previously about the University of Hawaii Warriors and their plans to perform a traditional Maori haka at the Sugar Bowl this past New Years. It was quite impressive. Well, whilst trawling the YouTubes for the word “haka”, Margaret came up with a couple of doozys (“doozies”? “doozi”??), which I will share with you now, for no particular reason other than that I think they’re awesome. So nyeah. 😛

2 Responses to “Apropos of Nothing….”

  1. Tony Lenzer Says:

    Really Cute, Andrew…now, if you can only find a way to send these to UH’s new football coach, Greg McMackin….his players would certainly enjoy, though I have no idea how the coach might respond to them

  2. Val Says:

    Oh. my. dawg.

    I nearly choked on my coke with the gingerbread men! Their little bugged out eyes were killing me, but then when I saw the crumb strewn floor of the cookie sheet, I totally lost it.

    Terrific find. 😆

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