Things That Make You Go “EEP”

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Just a quick note for my loyal readers; Birdie Cam will be down until some time Tuesday afternoon/evening. I’m finally getting the lens replaced.

I’m not prone to keeping up with the latest news from the world of NASCAR, so it’s no surprise that I missed the news that Nextel would be taking the place of RJ Reynolds Tobacco as racing sponsor.

Let me see if I have this straight: RJR is pressured out of their sponsorship of high-speed race cars because their product represents a danger to the public and they don’t want to give people (especially the impressionable little chitlins) the wrong idea….only to be replaced by a company that manufactures cell phones?

This would be even more comical and less horrifying if not for NASCAR’s most famous product tie-in:

The King Of Road Fatalities

8 Responses to “Things That Make You Go “EEP””

  1. Scot Says:

    Nextel became the title sponsor last year. Your only 1 year behind. And RJR dropped out due to the tobacco laws that only allows limited signage. And you should have put up a picture of the Viagra sponsored car. All good old boys drink, but how many want to admit that they can’t get it up?

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Good point, but my main thrust (pardon the pun) was the fact that drinking (let alone drinking and driving) is as bad or worse than smoking. Jury’s still out on driving with a woody. 😉

  3. Scot Says:

    But the beer companies haven’t had all of the states go after them like the tobacco companies. In fact, they just ended the ban on having hard liquor sponsors. Crown Royal has a car this year. Busch beer is the title sponsor of the Jr series. The US Army sponsors cars in both NASCAR and NHRA Drag Racing. It is supposedly one of their better recruiting tools. They also send recruiters to each race.

  4. Uncle Andrew Says:

    I wasn’t aware that the booze companies had started sponsoring cars. I did know that they had broken their self-imposed ban on television advertising. Personally, I don’t think that a legal product should have to restrict its advertising for the most part, but Lordy, do I think it’s tacky. 🙄

  5. Scot Says:

    So are you going to watch this monument of testosterone laden, red blooded, all Americanmanhood battling for fame and glory as the charioteersof Rome did on Sunday?

  6. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Gosh, I’d love to, but I was planning to have eye surgery. Without anesthesia. Performed by one of my cats. 😛

  7. Scot Says:

    In a red state, that could be looked at as “UnAmerican”

  8. Uncle Andrew Says:

    “Am I bluuuuuuue….” 😉

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