Name That Sludge!

Uncle AndrewUncle Andrew
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Margaret and I were listening to the Saturday morning lineup on our local NPR affiliate when a news story came on about legislation being proposed that would affect the handling of nuclear waste at our friendly neighborhood radiation farm, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

Apparently Senator Lindsey Graham (R, SC) would like to see certain types of unbelievably toxic nuclear waste (the kind, by the way, that has been leaking into the Columbia River for years) reclassified so that it does not need to be removed from the leaky underground storage tanks in which it currently (mostly) resides.

“What the hell could they possibly reclassify it as?” I yelled at the radio. “‘Highly Mutagenic Fertilizer’?”

Margaret didn’t even miss a beat. “‘Pure Spring Water’,” she replied.

Yet another reason I cherish my wife. 😉

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