Gimme A Couple’a Noids In A Dirty Election—Er, Glass

Uncle AndrewUncle Andrew
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Okay, so, with stuff like this and this—oh, and these—going on all over the country, I’ve been stocking up on matched sets of Noids this past week or so. Today, with the rain in Washington State having reached record levels, I finally cracked, and started asking myself: could the Repu Party be controlling the weather? I mean, on one hand, this state tends to vote overwhelmingly Democratic, so suppressing voter turnout in general would tend to hurt the Democratic candidates more. On the other hand, the majority of the flooding has taken place in the outlying areas, which tend on average to lean more to the Repu side than the cities. On the third hand—or the particularly nimble foot—or heck, a prehensile tail, if you have one—the Repus out in the sticks are more likely to be driving big ol’ Chevy Tahoes or Ford Excursions, which means they are more likely to be able to ford the high waters to get to the polls than their lefty neighbors with the aging Super Beetles or Volvo 240DLs.

I don’t know, Man, I just don’t know. Maybe another pot of coffee will help soothe my jangled nerves. Get out there and vote your mind and your heart today. And maybe take a break to watch “Hacking Democracy“, now available on Google Video. Also, try to get out and play in the rain a little; it’s quite refreshing.

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