A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Uncle AndrewUncle Andrew
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Take this picture, for instance:

Ha Ha!

I can think of a great many words that this picture is worth. Such as, “Ha ha”; “You dumbass”; “Your plastic-carbuncle-encrusted Hummer H3 is neither an unopposable force of nature nor an indestructible triumph of military technology”; and of course, “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”.

Amazingly, the driver of the H3 was not killed in the crash. Kind of a pity, in a way; given that this is a rear-ending on what appears to be completely bare-and-dry blacktop, (s)he is almost certainly at fault. I’m not sure I want this person using the insurance money to buy another self-esteem-mobile and take to the roads again, using that same brain, only more concussed.

On the bright side, look at how little damage that bus suffered in what must have been a spectacular crash. Other than the seats probably needing a serious steam-cleaning, it looks just about ready to go back on the road. Nice to see American motor vehicle companies are still building some things right.

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