The All-Natural, 100% Oganic, Free-Range Cat Trap

Uncle AndrewUncle Andrew
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Caught this motion-capture on our driveway camera the other morning:


I waited to post this until I had confirmed my suspicions with my vet. Margaret agrees with me: this is a coyote, not a dog. Walking around our house at 4 in the morning. How cool is that?

After seeing this picture, Margaret mentioned that she had seen a flier posted somewhere along her walking route telling people to keep their pets indoors because the poster’s cat had been eaten by something. I guess now we know by what.

Well, if we can’t keep the damn cats from coming onto our property by trapping them (two weeks of baiting that frigging trap and all I got was that one cat and a bunch of happy, tuna-fed raccoons who knew enough to reach through the bars on the side to avoid getting caught), maybe our furry friend here can help to slim down the roster of perpetrators. It’s not the best or kindest way to keep our yard free of felines, but like our two-stage bird feeder, I can justify it by saying that wild animals gotta eat, too, and they might as well draw their tuck from the rich and fecund buffet offered by stupid and irresponsible pet owners.

Hell, I’m tempted to leave our side gate open at night to make his job easier. 😀

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