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I just had to post this picture, because I pestered the creator mercilessly (through his brother) for a copy. But in order to do it justice I must first tell you just a bit about Jason.

Jason is our housemate’s brother, one of four, if—in the words of Chairman Kaga—my memory serves me correctly. They’re all weirdos to one extent or another, with Shawn and Jason competing fiercely for the title of Reigning Fruitcake. Some days it’s Shawn, some days it’s Jason. This time it’s Jason.

He works as a tattoo artist in Vermont, basically a pay-the-bills thing for his other, more—um, well, not exactly “serious” work, but his passion, at any rate. Jason primarily does illustration work, stuff that is simultaneously hilarious and disturbing. He’s collaborated with Shawn on a number of projects, most currently a graphic novel series about a race war between two groups of fairies. His style lends quite well to the overall funny/creepy tone of the story.

Anywho, a couple of months ago, Shawn was talking to his brother on the phone and asked him what he’d been up to lately. A friend of Jason’s asked him to give her a tattoo for her birthday. When he asked her what sort of design she wanted, she replied, “Oh, just do anything you like! I trust you.”

“So what’d you give her?” Shawn asked, wincing.

According to Shawn, his brother kind of hemmed and hawed. “Oooohhhhh, wellll, ummm, a…..cupcake takin’ a bath.”

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