Irony Supplement, Part 12

Uncle AndrewUncle Andrew
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Our Spring REI catalog arrived about a week ago, and Shawn was leafing through it on Saturday when I happened to spy this over his shoulder.

“Solar powered UV water purifier”. I know that our economy lives and dies by its middlemen, vestigial organs of capitalism that do nothing but get between the producer and consumer to interrupt the smooth flow of commerce and jack up the prices, but this seems to be an example of the middleman at its worst.

“Water purifier”. Well, that’s pretty straightforward; something that purifies water. “UV”; it must use ultraviolet rays to purify the water. Okay, so far so good. “Solar powered”. Ooh, that’s pretty cool. That means draws its energy from the sun—um, wait. Solar powered….ultraviolet rays….

In a perfect world, wouldn’t a “solar powered UV water purifier” consist of nothing but a clear container you fill with water and set out in the sun?

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