Micromanage Your Advertising Dollars For Maximum Impact

Uncle AndrewUncle Andrew
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It became pretty obvious this week how advertising is bought and sold on our local radio traffic reporting service, Metro Traffic Control….or at least how it is not. Advertising air time (“Support for traffic reports on KBLAH is provided by….”) is purchased in blocks based on factors such as frequency of insertion and time. The ad time is not, repeat not delineated by the station on which it will play; ads purchased for a given time slot play on all the stations that employ a traffic report during said time slot.

This fact became readily apparent this week, when I was treated to the following on local NPR station KUOW, after the standard morning traffic report:

“Support for traffic reports on KUOW is provided by World Extreme Cagefighting.”

That was nearly enough to give a good NPR listener the bends. As it was, I nearly drowned laughing myself into a seizure in the hot tub. 🙂

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