Now That’s More Like It

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A few months ago I made an observation about the seemingly poor implementation of advertiser positioning during the traffic reports on local NPR station KUOW. I opined as to how letting NPR listeners know that their morning traffic report had been brought to them through the kind and conscientious stewardship of World Extreme Cagefighting might not do a lot to sell tickets—or pay-per-view slots, or commemorative severed heads, or whatever World Extreme Cagefighting is selling.

One might think that they actually heard my hue and cry, because WEC no longer sponsors morning traffic reports. In fact, the current sponsor is one with a much more….um….targeted….er….base.

“Support for traffic reports on KUOW is provided by Preparation H Medicated Wipes.”

Too bad FCC edict and common sense prevent them from adding, “….for relief from that other pain in the ass!” 😆

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