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Can anyone help me to understand how a Rocklin, California cable Internet customer got to this picture on our blog

Trench in the garage

From a Google Image Search for the phrase, “Bear tripping over a car“?

Bad, baaad search algorithm, no biscuit!

UPDATE: I got another hit for this same Google Image Search from a computer in Bremerton, Washington, at about 7 this morning. WTAlmightyF?

This happens, occasionally: some new topic or meme will bubble up out of the rich primordial soup of the collective Web-mind, and bizarre, seemingly inexplicable requests will start washing up on the shores of Uncle Andrew dot Net. More often than not the tide will quickly turn and the hits will stop coming, usually before I am able to figure out just what the hell made all these people come looking for whatever it was they were looking for in the first place.

Frankly, while curious, I’m too lazy to put in the requisite effort to uncover the original source. The truth is not only out there; it’s doubtless more than a little Out There. Best to just leave it alone.

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