You Gotta Be Fuckin’ Kidney

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Okay, so I got the semi-peri-penultimate diagnosis from my nephrologist this morning.

And the winner is….

Diabetic Nephropathy!

Yes, the diagnosis that simply could not be the case, is! The doc is consulting with a specialist up at the University of Washington just to be super-extra-sure, but he really doesn’t have any doubts at this point.

Overall, this could be a lot worse. At least it isn’t cancer or some truly bizarre exotic autotimmune disorder. It does bring up the question of how I came to have a condition which is a symptom of uncontrolled diabetes when a) my diabetes is extremely well controlled, and b) I don’t have any of the other symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes. My doctor’s best theory at the moment is that the symptoms I’m experiencing now are the culmination of damage incurred before I was diagnosed, which kind of makes sense.

Pending any remarkable findings by the specialist at The Dub (tiny demons living in my kidneys, some sort of gypsy curse, whathaveyou) my treatment regimen won’t change appreciably. Everything I’m doing to manage my diabetes—sugar control, blood pressure control—is helping my kidneys as well. I will probably consult with a dietician specializing in renal health, and continue to (ahem) have the piss monitored out of me.

This news comes as a relief. It also came at an amazingly portentous moment, as our friend Scot got the call this morning from his hospital and is even now in final testing and prep to receive a much-needed kidney transplant. Everyone please take a moment to think some good thoughts for him. Break a leg, Scot! But go easy on the abdominal cavity. 🙂

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