Too much hot!

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Mid ’80s, possibly early ’90s. Humidity less than it was over the last few days, bright clear skies. A vast improvement over the stinking sticky moist than it had been over the last few days, but hot. Too. Much. Hot.

Rained like a sonovabitch Thursday which did decrease the humidity some.. or at least organized it a bit. Because it was threatening to rain Friday, Andrew and I spent most of the day at The Honolulu Acadamy of The Arts which is the local art museum. Beautiful stuff from all over the world, some of the furniture in the Asian exhibits was enough to make me weep. Lovely air conditioning, great cafe for lunch, beautiful garden courtyards. A wonderful time was had by all (all two of us) and it did not, in fact, rain.

Woke up Saturday morning when it was still cool and lovely in anticipation of hitting the garage sales with Joan et al. Left the house at a little after 0800 and very swiftly discovered that doing ANYthing outdoors, with the sole exception of falling into the pool to congeal, was a BAD idea.
Which isn’t to say that we didn’t hit some neat sales. While I haven’t found the lacquer tray that Andrew wants to go under his coffee maker, within half an hour I found not only a stuffed llama (for those that know the story of Joan and Joanne’s stuffed llama) but a stuffed donkey besides. Didn’t purchase them, I didn’t say I NEEDED a stuffed llama or a stuffed donkey, but had I the need I would have been able to fulfill it.
Gave up on the sales at a little before 1100 because we were all dying of heat prostration and we came home. Libby and I fell into the pool to congeal, which was GLORIOUS.

Andrew declined to join us at the sales and was, in consequence, cool and refreshed enough to sit on the edge of the pool and fuss at me about how I was going to get sunburned if I stayed in long enough. Andrew started working on replacing the hard drive in Lucy’s computer so it can run Windows instead of Linux (a slightly more complex system than a 9 year old needs). I was switching between blogging (duh), knitting while listening to my i-Pod, and spraying lavender and lemongrass moisturizing spray on my sunburn.

It’s not a glorious adventure filled tropical vacation. It’s more like a stay-cation (gads I hate that term) at someone else’s home that is also partly yours. A home with a pool in the back yard and all of Hawaii out the front door. We’re having a lovely time.

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