Presented for Your Confusion

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It’s not quite food fright, but it’s damn weird nonetheless.

Found this while we were poking around at Long’s Drugs in the Manoa Marketplace (went there for okazu and manapua at Island Manapua).

Vermont Curry?!

I’m not even sure where to start.
Curry? Fine, I understand curry. I can even get my mind around curry sauce with a touch of apple and honey.
Vermont? Yep, got a solid handle on Vermont.
Product of Japan? No problemo. Especially in this state, Product of Japan doesn’t create any confusion at all.

All three together? Nope. Sorry. Does not compute.

The manapua were fantastic though. :mrgreen:
Sorry Dave, there won’t be any of this batch left by the time you get here, but we can always get more.

Oooo yah! Tropical!

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Standard story for leaving the house yesterday morning. The cab picked us up a little early which is partly why I came away without my glasses making it fortunate that the vast majority of my reading material is on my i-Pod and not actually something I have to look at.
Despite the fact that we did e-tickets and online check in, when we checked our bag we were presented with NEW boarding passes and asked again for the $15 that Hawaiian Air is charging for checked bags. However being the paranoid soul that I am, when I did the online check in Tuesday morning I not only printed the receipt for the $15 that I paid then, but I also put the receipt in my purse. Wednesday morning the price of paranoia was $15 in our favor.

Breeze through security. Really I’d never seen so few people at security. I guess the moral of this story is that if you’re going to travel by air, doing it on the day after a long holiday weekend ends is a good time to do it. We managed to make it through the security checkpoint with our empty 1 liter water bottle, a triumph for us as the last few times we’ve flown we’ve had to discard our empty water bottles at security and purchase brand new full ones at one of the stores that is past security…. at a greatly inflated price over what we paid for the ones at the grocery store.
The water bottle made it through security, Andrew’s wallet almost did not. Andrew purchased a RFID proof wallet that has a metal mesh woven into the fabric that blocks RFID transmissions. All very well and good in terms of protecting credit cards and personal security, but the metal detectors at the airport don’t like the metal mesh AT ALL.

And not at all an unpleasant flight, really. We had a window and aisle seat just behind the exit row and while there wasn’t a lot of leg room for Andrew, at least the guy sitting in front of him didn’t feel like reclining and crushing Andrew’s patellas. Me, I had sufficient room especially since I had a crotch novel on my i-Pod, a new knitting project to keep me busy, and Xanax. For the record if you want a decent flight and a good nap while you’re in the process, a combination of scopolamine to prevent motion sickness and Xanax to keep you from running amok and slaughtering people is a good combination. It was a great nap. :mrgreen:

ANYway, we landed in Honolulu and aside from having to traipse the entire length of the airport to get from our arrival gate to our baggage claim and a minor bit of confusion meeting up with Tony the trip couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

Honestly the rest of yesterday was a bit of a blur. The temperature has been nice (in my opinion), but even for Hawaii standards it’s been humid. The combination of the soporific weather, a little jet lag, and the remains of the chemical stew that I brewed for the flight lent the rest of the day a somewhat surreal nature.
I crashed out by 8 p.m.

At 0200 today my internal clock went DING and told me that it was morning and time to get up. I turned over, looked at the alarm clock, and told my internal clock to go to hell.
At 0500 today my internal clock went DING and told me that it was morning and time to get up. I turned over, looked at the alarm clock and tried to tell my internal clock to go to hell, but it wouldn’t listen so I lay in bed for a while and finally decided that I might as well get up and to take a walk before it got warmer and moister. I honestly enjoy a little humidity seeing as I’ve always got dry skin, but it’s just been plain old MOIST. So at 0600 I was up, dressed, and wandering down the street to hit the trail through Kailua beach park and the Lanikai loop.

The trail I walk through the beach park goes over a canal that opens out into the ocean. The water in the canal is green, sludgy a lot of the time and usually full of small fish, Cattle Egrets, and the occasional sea turtle. The banks of the canal are always chockablock with pigeons, mynahs, and doves. It isn’t uncommon to see people standing on the bridge over the canal and feeding the fish in the canal or feeding the birds on the banks of the canal. I was not, therefore, surprised when I saw a little Asian woman with a grocery bag over her wrist standing at the bridge railing and throwing something over the railing and into the canal. I was prepared to be a little mentally annoyed with her, I feel that the only reason one should feed pigeons is if one is planning on eventually eating them. She started moving off down the bridge before I got to the spot where she had been feeding whatever it is she had been feeding off the bridge. I looked over the railing, expecting to see a flock of pigeons or suchlike and instead what I saw was….
A black crowned night heron snorking down a fish.
This little Asian lady had a grocery bag over her wrist and a ziploc bag of fish in the grocery bag. I asked as I caught up to her, she’s down there a few times a week feeding the herons.
Which left me giggling for about the next two miles.

And seeing as it’s only about 1030, that’s all I have to report for the moment. I have no doubt we’ll get more interesting at some point, but gimme a break. We’ve not even been here 24 hours. The little Asian lady feeding the herons is about the most entertaining thing that’s happened so far.
We’re saving teasing Caitlin about the bag full of testicles under her bed until later in the week.

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