That’s a word I just can’t pass up!

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See, I’m getting smarter already.

Major, MAJOR word nerd cred to the person who can, without resorting to a dictionary or the internet, figure this one out.

The $10 word of the day is: diphyodont

No booby prizes, I’ve already purchased my lifetime quota of electronic yodeling pickles. But if one of you word nerds out there can translate that without help I will by god come up with something appropriate. Probably grape jelly since I’m still up to my eyeballs in it and, oh dear god, the rhubarb is burgeoning, the loganberries and grapes are leafing out, and what in the name of all that is good will I do when summer comes around and I’ve still got 5 gallons or more of various preserves left over from last year?

But that’s beyond the point.

Diphyodont. Work that one out for me.

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