You know some days we’re just not that bright.

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Paging Mr. Blivious, Mister and Missus O. Blivious.

Andrew and I are both dedicated NPR listeners. We listen in the morning, we listen in the afternoon, we listen in the evening. There’s lots of national and world news, there’s lots and lots and lots of news.

Joan and Tony have been off on another one of their jaunts. They’ve spent the last week or so bumming around Paris, and Andrew and I were anticipating having them stay here for a few days to recoup from their transatlantic flight before taking a transpacific flight back home. We had even gone so far as to plan a minor soiree on Monday. Andrew has the day off, they were going to take a jaunt to the market, snoop around for a bit then come back with stuffs for dinner which we would all enjoy in the company of my parents and a couple of other folks once I got back from work.

This morning Andrew and I laid our plans to prepare for guests. Andrew would go out and do the shopping and running around while I would stay home cleaning things and getting the guest room ready.
To the point where I even just got back from making a quick dash up to Value Village to drop off the accumulated scurf that has been collecting in the guest room since our last donation run about six months ago.

Remember that bit about listening to NPR a lot?

On my way to work yesterday morning I was listening to the morning news and to the segments on Morning Edition about the Icelandic volcano that has disrupted air travel all over Europe. Yesterday evening Andrew and were talking about a segment on The World that was basically an interview with one of their reporters who was stuck in London because of the vog. The kicker to this interview was that the reporter being interviewed was not too put out to having been stranded in London, London being a nice place to be and all, but he was a little anxious as he and his wife were all set to move from Boston to Brussels on Wednesday and their plans were going to have to change dramatically if he couldn’t get back from London. The next segment on The World was all about how the news media aren’t using the name of the volcano that is currently causing all the trouble because no one who isn’t a native Scandinavian has a prayer of being able to pronounce the name. The host of The World even took a prolonged lesson from a colleague at the BBC, but wasn’t really able to pull it off.
All morning this morning, bits on Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me, bits on the news, even jokes on Car Talk……
Right. Volcano erupting in Iceland, air travel disrupted all over Europe.

Do you think your parents would like some orange juice? How ’bout bagels, we’ve got all that smoked salmon cream cheese.

It is 4 freakin’ 40 p.m. and Andrew and I only just realized about 15 minutes ago that Joan and Tony won’t be showing up tomorrow afternoon.

Oh well, at least the house is clean.

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