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Flipping through the channels this evening, we happened across an ad for Iron Chef America, the Food Network spinoff of the wonderful original series from Japan’s Fuji Television.

Now, I have nothing against the American version of this show; while it lacks much of the zany pomp of its Japanese counterpart, it does have its good points. Alton Brown does a very nice job of emceeing the show, and the dude playing Chairman Kaga’s nephew is so obviously a kama’aina—he pronounces “history” as if it’s spelled with an “sh” in the middle—that I always get a giggle out of his part in the show.

No, the reason I bring this whole thing up has to do with the commercial itself, which ended with “Iron Chef America: sponsored by Kraft and Snapple!”

Huh? “Five-Star Gourmet Cuisine Cooking Challenge: brought to you by the makers of Microwavable Mac & Cheese and Bottled Sugar Water!”

What, had Slim Jims and Yoo Hoo already blown their ad budgets for this fiscal year?

Kneel, O Jism!

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Say it fast. 😉

I’m something of a fan of new and unusual words, and often catch myself synthesizing unique terms to meet the needs of the moment. I will try to remember to post these as they arise.

Here’s one of my favorites:

You may already have heard of bozone, the substance that surrounds and envelops stupid people.

Well, when the bozone layer surrounding any given individual grows so pervasive that it begins to affect the intelligence of those around them, that person has become a stuporconductor.

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