Happy birthdays!

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January is, for my calendar at least, much like October is. Lotsa birthdays for people I care about, not enough time to have contact with them all. And most of them happening within one week of the month (what IS it with you people and your clumped birthdays anyway?!)

So for those of you I’m not going to see this January, happy birthday! Best wishes for the upcoming year, and thanks for being a friend.

Somewhat more unique birthday greetings go out to those people with whom I will have contact this week. Kinda birthday greetings in reverse. I’ve always felt that the parents, the mother especially, deserves congratulations and acknowledgement on their child’s birthday.

Joan and Tony: Thank you for my husband, my soulmate. My life would be a lonely place without him.

Mom and Dad: Thanks for my brother. I’ve always loved him dearly and I always will.

Now who wants some cake? Come over on Saturday, there will be lots.

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