Yeah, I needed that.

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Friday 10:00a.m.

Saturday 10:00a.m.

Well, okay, technically those are both white lies.
The photo on Friday was taken more like 11 a.m. and it’s about 4:30 right now and I only just took the Saturday photos, but that’s because I’m not entirely sure that I was awake at 10:00 this morning.

It was thoroughly surreal.
I spent yesterday morning at work with people asking me when we were leaving and getting all gape jawed when I said “This afternoon.”
It was bright and sunny and cold-ish and I was really, really, REALLY glad that I could leave at noon.
Left at noon. Ran around the house, changing clothes, finishing the suitcase, and trying, with limited success, to soothe ruffled kitty feelings.
We spent about 90 minutes at the airport waiting for our flight to board. It was dark when we boarded.

I don’t like flying at night, I like to be able to see at least a little bit. So I took a Xanax. Also I tend towards motion sickness so I had a scopolomine patch. And, well, I’m on vacation so I indulged in some fire water with dinner.
It was thoroughly surreal.

I got on an airplane in Seattle when it was dark. When we landed some interminable time later it was dark. In between times I don’t remember much. But dark and loopy in Seattle is very similar to dark and loopy in Honolulu. So I got home from what was a REALLY long day at work, went to bed, and when I woke up I was in Hawaii.

I don’t think I’ve had a single serious thought all day. The biggest decision I’ve had to make was what to eat for lunch. The most monumental, life changing conflict I’ve had to resolve was whether to ease myself into the pool (which was a little chilly) or to jump in all at once.

After almost two weeks of working full time and evaluating resumes and applicants for our part time DVM position I really needed this.

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