Tuesday 10 a.m.

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I didn’t get a chance to take any a.m. photos today because at 10 a.m. I was cleaning the house in preparation for Dawn & David’s arrival.
What with Shelley

(an old friend of Meg and Libby’s) and her husband who are visiting, Meg’s new squeeze Judd, and all the rest of the family we had 12 people for dinner last night. The dining table is expandable, but it isn’t that big and since Dawn & David

came in all unknowing to add to the genial bedlam this afternoon we absolutely needed the second dining table on the lanai since the little wobbly card table will only take so much. God knows how many outliers we’re going to have this evening.
So this morning we were cleaning, this afternoon we went to the airport to retrieve Dawn & David from the six or seven hour hell of a trans-Pacific flight (actually Hawaiian is mostly flying Airbus A330s which are pretty danged comfortable) and this evening….
Well, we’re still hoping that Peppino’s will actually be able to produce pizza for us. Since they took close to 3 damn hours to make pizza for us the last time we were here I don’t share Andrew’s optimism.
It’s hot, but at least it’s not raining. Actually it’s not really that hot, only about 75F, but there’s about a 96% humidity and it’s damp.
Damn, I don’t think I’ve been completely dry since we left Seattle on Friday. I think I may have to go and jump in the pool. It won’t make me any less damp, but at least I won’t care that I’m vaguely moist.
By the way, Caitlin introduced me to the idea that the word “moist” should be an onomatopoeia. I think it’s a lovely idea myself, run your finger down window covered in condensation and the sound it’ll make will be MOIST. Andrew disagrees, but I think it’s a great idea.

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