Another REALLY long day…..

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It is truly peculiar. I didn’t go to work yesterday morning, which was a good thing, but we got up, we tidied the house, we packed, the taxi came to take us to the airport, it got dark, it stayed dark, it was dark for a REALLY long time, then we woke up in Hawaii.

It’s really weird.

The weather is great for me. Early ’80s with about 40% humidity and an absolutely gorgeous breeze. It’s mostly clear with the occasional cloud across the sun to cut the glare….

I’m loving it.
All Andrew has to do is to exist in any spot outside of just underneath a ceiling fan and he’s all hot and sweaty so he’s a little less enthusiastic weather wise, but he’s had a chance to sleep in, and he’s currently in the middle of his mid-afternoon nap. Nice dip in the pool, brisk arguments with two of his sisters and both parents.
No island delicacies yet, but he seems to be enjoying himself.

Tomorrow we might go so far as to go into Honolulu.
But we might just hang on the beach as well.

Getting here for the holidays can be a real bitch, but it’s extremely pleasant to be here.

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