Sunday 7 a.m.

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So yesterday I got up, went for my walk.
Odd things occur to me walking along Lanikai.

For one, it must be nice living somewhere where the bus drivers can be talked into letting you off at your front door.
Secondly, I really have to wonder about people who PURCHASE EXPENSIVE PUREBRED DOGS WITH HEAVY COATS WHEN THEY LIVE IN HAWAII! I’ve seen a lot of manky, awful coats on an awful lot of chow chows in my professional capacity, but they were SICK! This was a healthy dog with a horrid, raggy, string mop coat. Damn fools.

Then I’m walking around the other end of the loop and there’s something scuttling along the road in front of me. Something big, with lots of legs and a tail held up over its back. I was semi-interested and semi-ready to shriek and run because I’ve never seen a scorpion outside of a zoo and I’d kind of like to see one, but a scorpion has more than four legs and if it’s got more than four legs it’s a bug and I don’t do bugs and……
Then a car went past and the whatever it was rolled over and over and over again and it was a leaf.
But it looked remarkably like a scorpion.

And walking back through Kailua beach park I passed a young man on a bicycle. Kid was maybe 8 or 9. It was just a wee bit before 8 a.m. on a Saturday, and he gave me the sweetest, most charming smile I’ve ever seen on a kid. Absolutely a pleasure to see that on a kid. I don’t think I was ever that cheerful that early on a weekend morning when I was that age.

Later on Andrew and Caitlin and I were driving along somewhere and saw a dude riding full speed on a bicycle playing a guitar.

But this is what I got this morning.
A peaceful morning’s walk around the Lanikai loop. Quiet, beautiful breeze, and this……

And this…..

Lots and lots and lots of Lenzers.

It’s a little surreal here.

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