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Neither of us are football fans. To be entirely accurate, neither of us are fans of any organized sport save, perhaps, Sumo and Evergreen’s intercollegiate boomerang team.
We aren’t anti-fans. We don’t wish for the entire sport to die and everyone involved in it to go with, we’re just so indifferent that “meh” doesn’t even come close.

The last two weeks have been and, depending on the outcome of today’s game the next couple will be, extremely tedious.

So in the spirit of celebrating our mega-*meh* we would like to present the following opposite superb owl (thanks to Stephen Colbert for the phrase) options for things to do today:

A giant online game of Ham Hamtaro.

Decoupage something. (For the record, I’m not sure what decoupage is, but I’m certain that if Martha Stewart does it it’s pretty much opposite of sitting around watching f’ball)

Dungeons and Dragons…. It is the 40th anniversary after all.

Read a fucking BOOK! (warning! Not safe for work, not safe for children, not safe for…. Well, watch in privacy, it’s funny!)

Get out in the fresh air! It’s a beautiful day in Seattle, I’m hoping to have time to get out and do some pruning. Andrew, still whispering and lacking stamina, will hopefully be out playing with his remote control quad copter.

So what are we going to do to celebrate superb owl Sunday? We’re gonna go to Albert Lee Appliance and look at refrigerators.

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